Teaching young scientists

Teaching is my passion. I love interacting with students and coaching them through complex problems. To me, science is more than intellectual content. It is a lens through which to teach critical thinking. Helping my students become independent critical thinkers is my goal. I use my research as a tool for teaching; it connects the real-world to classroom lectures and gives student much needed hands-on experience, in both laboratory and field-settings. Further, outreach is also a major component of my curriculum. Disseminating knowledge to the public and getting young students excited about science is a cherished feeling hope to continue my dream of helping students achieve their goals and reach the best of their abilities.


Teaching and Outreach Awards:

Mentorships and Excellence Award, UConn, Nomination                Spring 2015

Provost’s Commission on Public Engagement-Finalist                      Fall 2010

Nominated by peers; 1of only 3 UConn Graduate Finalists

CT SeaGrant Marine Educational Outreach Fellow                           2009-2010


Mentoring in Research:

Undergraduate Research Assistants: 10                                             Summer 2008-current

Middle School Science Teacher: 1                                                      Summer 2014

High School Students: 2                                                                     Fall 2011

Teaching and Advising:

University of Connecticut:

Advisees: 11 official, 4 unofficial

Evolutionary Biology: EEB 2245                                                       Spring 2015

Principles of Biology I: BIOL 1107                                                   Fall 2015

Principles of Biology II: BIOL 1108                                                  Spring 2015

Genetics: MCB 2410                                                                          Spring 2015

General Ecology: EEB 2244                                                               Fall 2014,’15

Evolution and Human Diversity: EEB 2202                                      Fall 2014, ‘15

MAR4010/5010- Biological Oceanography (1/3 team taught)           Spring 2012


Sacred Heart University:

Instructor: BIO 111- Introductory Biology, Lab                               Spring 2014

Instructor: BIO 111-Introductory Biology, Discussion (2 sections)  Fall 2013

Instructor: BIO 112-Introductory Biology, Discussion                     Spring 2013


Stony Brook University:

Lecturer: MAR 502-Biological Oceanography                                   Fall 2006

Laboratory Instructor: Biology 203                                                    Spring 2005

Laboratory Instructor: Biology 151 (2 sections)                                 Fall 2004


SUNY Geneseo:

Teaching Assistant- Biology 241: Invertebrate Laboratory                Spring 2004

Teaching Assistant/Tutor-Biology 203: Principles of Ecology           Spring 2004

Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor: Biology 104                           Spring 2004

Teaching Assistant- Biology 303: Community Ecology                     Fall 2003

Undergraduate Laboratory Instructor: Biology 118                           Fall 2002, Fall 2003

Vivarium-Biology Department: Senior Curator                                  Fall 2002-Spring 2004