Service and Outreach

Service and community outreach are a key component to my teaching curriculum. I love engaging local communities and young students with science-related projects. Please, contact me with any opportunities or ideas.I look forward to continued outreach!

Scientific Outreach and Pedagogy Communications:

Finiguerra, M., Avery, D.E., Dam, H.G. Dangerous Aquatic Prey: Can Predators Adapt to Toxic Algae. 2014 Data Nuggets (lesson plans for science teachers), Open Access;

Finiguerra, M., Avery, D.E., Dam, H.G. Case Study: Testing for Adaptation. Submitting to National Center for Case Study Research, Target: College Biology. Draft in hand

HG Dam & M Finiguerra 2013 Science Experts- Toxic Algae; Infestations Documentary. Stornoway Productions. International Release

Dam, H.G., Finiguerra, M.B., Batoh, C.S., Skelton-Flores, H.K. 2012 What controls toxic algae blooms in Long Island Sound? Wracklines (CT Sea Grant publication) vol. 11,2: 9-13

Finiguerra, M. Payne, D., Dam, HG, Avery, DE. 2010 Predators and Dangerous Prey:Plankton, Toxins and Evolution. 1 hour oral presentation workshop at National Science Teachers Association Conference. Philadelphia, PA.

Scientific Outreach Activities:

Avery Point annual undergraduate student poster symposium

Co-Creator                                                                              Spring 2015

Invited Speaker- UConn Global Café: “Heat Waves”                       Fall 2015

Academic Fair Judge, Sacred Heart University                                 2014

Invited Presentation: Green Falls Academy high school, CT             Fall 2013

Taste Touch and Smell of Science-

Marine science program aimed at under-privileged and minority students.

Program Organizer                                                                  Fall 2010, 2012, 2014

Volunteer                                                                                Summer 2008, 2009

Marine Science Day- Exposing elementary school students to marine science

“Meet the Plankton”   2-4 sessions ea. year                            May 2008-2015

Focus Group: University Public Outreach (invited participant)         Fall 2010

Educational Outreach Website Developer                                          Spring 2010

Career Fair Workshop- Marine Sciences                                             Summer 2010

4-H 2010 CT Teen Connection Conference, Passport to Success      Summer 2010

Career Day- Northeast Academy Math and Science Day                  Spring 2010

Naugatuck Valley Community College outreach seminar                  Spring 2010

National Ocean Sciences Bowl-local and national competitions

Head Rules Judge                                                                   2014, 2015

Rules Judge                                                                             2008(2), 2009

Timekeeper                                                                              2007, 2011


Department Committees and Organizations:

UConn- New Faculty Orientation panel member                               Fall 2015

UConn-Avery Point: Orientation Advisor                                         Summer 2015

UConn-Avery Point: Open House recruiter                                       Spring 2015

UConn EEB Ecology Curriculum Committee                                    Spring 2015

UConn-Avery Point: UConn Reads regional chapter                        Spring 2015

UConn-Avery Point Global Café and Institute for Learning             Fall 2014-current

UConn-Avery Point Curriculum and Courses Committee                 Fall 2014- current

UConn- Marine Sciences: Social Outreach Director                          2008-2012

Avery Point Recreation Committee                                                    Fall 2009-present

Graduate Student Council, Marine Sciences  Faculty Liaison           Spring 2008-2009

Feng Colloquium committee organizer                                               Spring 2008

Graduate Student Organization, Senator                                           Fall 2006-Spring 2007

Student Representative- Biology Department                                    Fall 2002-Spring 2004

President-SUNY Geneseo Ecology Club                                           Fall 2001-Spring 2004